18 Before 2018


It’s almost December! I get so excited because December is an amalgamation of many of my favourite things, including: family, Christmas and an amped-up “let’s sort my life out” vibe. Before the New Year is rung in I get super reflective and suss out what I’ve achieved in the year just past, and what I’d like to focus on for the future. This time round, I'm going one step further and am going to try and knock out some goals before the year is through. I’ve seen this “16 Before 2016” around the internet before (I believe Lisa Jacobs did it first) and had been considering doing an “18 Before 2018” for a while, but now I’m really writing all of it down and immortalising it here. Some of this stuff I’ve (mercifully) already achieved!

Hair cut

Got this done in September when I was first writing this list (but hey it still counts, because… my rules, ok?). Getting a cut and a fancy “balayage” has definitely refreshed me for the coming winter months.

Get off the pill

This was also something I did earlier on in autumn and I’m SO HAPPY I finally mustered up the confidence to do it. I’d been on a birth control pill since about a year and a half ago and it seriously messed up my emotional balance. We’re talking major paranoia and depression symptoms every month, on the month. So after a lot of tear-soaked “What’s wrong with me”s I decided it was time to get off the hormones, and it seriously feels like I’ve finally come up for air.

Perform a gig

I did this one!!! Read all about it here.

Get to 20 books read this year

For a former English Literature student, my reading habits are SHODDY. This year, however, I managed to use my library membership and actually read a total of twelve (twelve!) books this year so far. Only 8 to go. Please send in your recommendations!

Get away with Stephan

Did this one, too. Hey, Lisbon!

Pay my goddamn library fee

I think I’ve been owing my library a fiver for about… 6 months at least? I really need to just go in and pay it. So I'm gonna do that.

Go to other people’s gigs

Two of my favourite go-getters on the female pop scene (FEMME and Violet Skies) are having gigs in early December, and I need to go. Not only to support them, but they serve as great examples of what I could be doing this time next year when my EP comes out. So I’m going to listen and learn!

Throw out old clothes

I went through a serious “wooooo declutter” phase in the summer and then sort of gave up? I have two bags of clothes that need to be donated sitting in our living room (which is also our bedroom, hello London life), so it’s time to get up and get that done.

Declutter... the shelf

I’d had some sort of fever-dream where I’d said to myself I’d declutter the whole apartment by Christmas (hah!) but I’m thinking if I just tackle that paperwork-riddled shelf we have (for the second time this year, may I add), then I’ll be happy.

Make one step towards zero-waste

Whether it’s purchasing a zero-waste kit or just buying less packaging, I’d really like to make a better impact on the planet this year. Old habits are hard to break, so I’m going to take it one step at a time.

Cut back on refined flour

Ehhhhhh, we'll see how this one goes.

Create 2 new website pages

I’d really like a page each dedicated to my music and photography on my actual website, which will be a quick and easy thing to tick off.

Reach 50 videos on my Youtube

I’m planning on reaching this goal by participating in Vlogmas. Have mercy on us all.

Complete my bullet journal!

My bullet journal has been my absolute BESTIE this year, and I’m already itching to pick up a new one when the year is out. Thinking about getting a Mossery one this time round, but before that, I’ve got to complete my current one. I only have 20 pages left!!

Do my annual end-of-year review

Every year I sit down and do about 100 different End-Of-Year-Review questionnaires to look back on my highlights and achievements of the year. Having my bullet journal will definitely make that process easier this time round, as I’ve kept a monthly list of good things. This step will also include making my End of Year Playlist, and also taking a peep at what Spotify dictates to be my most-played song of the year (place your bets now).

Join a new gym

Goddamn! I joined a gym this year and the location of it meant it was always one bus ride away. This year I want to join a place closer to my work, which means I can sneak off to the gym at lunchtime and have no! more! excuses!

Write song number 4

I’ve been dreaming about some kind of vocoder-y song for a while now, as the mysterious Song Number 4 on my EP (I currently have 3 written tracks right now). Maybe it’s time to see if I can alchemise it into existence.

Get back to nature

I’ve gone nearly an entire year without returning to my hometown, which is fine, because Aberdeen isn’t the most interesting of places, but it means that I don’t feel awfully in touch with myself. There’s something about getting out to the Grampian countryside that really resets me. So I’m sure Dad, the dog and I will take a trip up to the Highlands, where I can breathe again and spend some time in my most favourite part of the world.