Photo Diary: Schneeberg, Austria

schneeberg view kanken.JPG

Summer is over, and before I go full-swing Autumn on everyone, I thought I'd share some snaps from the trip I took in August. I stayed a week in Austria, spending most of my time in Vienna, and then headed into the Lower Alps for a day or two. I had been seriously craving some fresh air for a long time now, after the greyness of London and recent toxic smog scares.

I've always loved the Alps in summer, ever since a day trip we took to Switzerland whilst on holiday in Italy. I remember the scorching temperatures of 40 degrees being whittled down to a breezy 27, the smell of pines and the sound of crickets in the grass. Even then, in the height of summer, there was still snow capping the highest peaks around us.

So when we alighted the rickety (and overpacked) train on the summit of Schneeberg, I took a big gulp of fresh air and savoured it. We were 2075 metres closer to the clouds, the heat of the sunshine being whipped up by the wind that tickled the wildflowers. We walked round, took photographs, ate some traditional Austrian food (which I am still trying to reconcile myself with), and all came home with lobster-pink sunburns (not to self: being high on a windy mountain means you are closer to the sun).

Still, there was something so peaceful about it all. Growing up in Scotland, I'll always crave the escape I can find in nature. I think I'll always feel at home in the mountains.

green schneeberg view.JPG
train tracks kanken.JPG
schneeberg kanken pink.JPG