Gig Alert: Acoustic Set on Friday 22nd September


It took me much longer than expected to get here, but I finally did it. After almost a year (a whole goddamn year!) of not playing at all, I'm doing a gig. Small deal for you, perhaps, big deal for me. Come down to the Gentlemen Baristas on Union Street, Friday 22nd September.

This past year has been a massive period for growth, but not without growing pains. I went on a seriously weird journey with music that mostly involved not doing much music at all, but was important nonetheless.

My last gig was at a small cafe in Hackney, London. It was such a precious atmosphere: golden light and red wine, good friends and warm music.

This time round it'll be another acoustic cafe gig, but at one of my favourite London haunts, The Gentlemen Baristas on Union Street. This time I'll be accompanied by the wonderful Lef Germenlis on keys, and I'm so excited about this collaboration, he's really added some magic to the setlist.

Also playing that night is my super-talented friend, Josie Charlwood, who is a great songwriter (she recently "Adele'd" somebody, which is my new favourite verb: to Adele is to immortalise your past lover in song, preferably with a good lashing of sass) and will be sharing her originals with us as well.

RSVP here, the GBs do killer cocktails and have a gorgeous roof terrace, and Josie and I have killer songs and gorgeous faces, so don't miss out!

gig poster fri 22nd September 2017.jpg