Photo Diary: Autumn in Boston


Burning leaves, golden skies, hot coffee and darkening nights... autumn is my favourite time of year, and I always find it evokes such strong memories. The month of October especially reminds me of a trip I took back in 2014 to visit my sister Harriet in Boston. Soooo, since I have a shiny new blog which I've been updating recently, I thought I'd take a second and share some of my favourite autumnal memories from my time in New England.


All of these photos were taken with an old Nikon D50 (which I still love using) and a 5Omm lens. It really gives a softness to all of these pictures which reminds me so much of Boston's cloudy skies, wet afternoons and the fogged-up coffee shop windows.


Harriet and I basically spent the holiday taking pictures of each other, doing terrible Bostonian accents and reapplying lipstick. I was going mental over these pictures I took of her because she! looks! so! stylish! Also Taylor Swift's 1989 had JUST come out and it was our soundtrack to the whole holiday. Perfection.