Found #2

Peter Gabriel.jpg

Continuing on with my exploration of weekly obsessions... this week is incredibly music-heavy! Production nerds welcome.

I went to see Sevdaliza perform at Heaven on Monday night, and she was hypnotic (not so hypnotic - being a short person in a crowd! my neck muscles & tiptoes were given a thorough workout). I am devouring every interview with her that I can find because she is just so interesting. Long story short, she's an Iranian-Dutch former professional basketball player turned pop artist. What a dream.

I'm back into my full-swing Peter Gabriel phase. So is one of my top all-time albums, I think. I loved this piece about the development of the album through the eyes of the album art photographer. And I love this piece about the nitty-gritty engineering aspect of the album, particularly the song Sledgehammer.

Further to all that Gabriel goodness... I love this video about gated reverb drums (which I CAN'T WAIT to experiment with now) and their evolution since the early eighties!

I really, really want this book.

This is absolutely, 100% my favourite song right now. And probably forever.

And lastly, did you know the Tate galleries have Pinterest?